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Corporate History of Fujitsu General


The history of Fujitsu General is a history of looking at people's day-to-day life

  • 1936 -

    Established as Yaou Shoten Ltd. The company moves from the manufacture of radios, loud speakers, electric phonographs, etc. into the manufacture of home electrical appliances

  • 1955 -

    Company named changed to Yaou Denki Ltd. Kawasaki factory (now company headquarters) built.Company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 1960 -

    The X-line, a 14-inch TV in a new design, introduced

  • 1964 -

    General Denshl Kogyou (now Fujitsu General Electronics Ltd.) established In Ichinoseki City, lwate Prefecture

  • 1965 -

    Polar region TV system installed on the Antarctic observation vessel Fuji

  • 1966 -

    Company name changed to General Ltd.

  • 1967 -

    Shinjo Denki Ltd. (Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture: now Shinjo Fujitsu General Ltd.) established

  • 1969 -

    Capital investment to Taiwanese home appliance manufacturer, Taisei Industry Co., Ltd. (predecessor of current Fujitsu General (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.)

  • 1971 -

    Easy to install "min min" cassette air conditioner introduced
    Sales network formed in Middle East and Africa, air conditioner exports to the region launched

  • 1974 -

    Shichinohe City, Aomori Prefecture air conditioner motor factory (now Aomori business office) built, begins operation

  • 1975 -

    Sales network formed in Asia, exports to the region launched

  • 1976 -

    North America affiliate Teknika Electronics Co. (now Fujitsu General America, Inc.) established

  • 1977 -

    Europe sales company affiliate Teleton Electro (U.K.) Co., Ltd. (now Fujitsu General (U.K.) Co., Ltd.) established
    Chubu General air conditioner factory (now Hamamatsu business office) completed, manufacturing of room air conditioners and heat exchangers for export markets launched

  • 1978 -

    Australia sales company affiliate General Colour Pty Ltd. (now Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Ltd.) established
    Europe sales company affiliate GCJ Electro (Europe) GmbH. (now Fujitsu General (Euro) GmbH) established

  • 1980 -

    South America affiliate sales company Genebras Electronica Ltda. (now Fujitsu General do Brasil Ltda.) established

  • 1982 -

    First wireless analog taxi dispatching system delivered

  • 1984 -

    Capital and business alliance with Fujitsu Ltd.

  • 1985 -

    Named changed to Fujitsu General Ltd.

  • 1986 -

    First electronic fire prevention emergency information system delivered
    Research laboratory at company headquarters completed

  • 1991 -

    Thailand air conditioner manufacturing company Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established
    The "Mighty Compact" mini air conditioner with lambda heat exchanger introduced

  • 1993 -

    Japan's first 21-inch full-color monitor with a plasma display panel introduced

  • 1994 -

    Shanghai, China air conditioner manufacturing affiliate Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established

  • 1996 -

    World's first 42-inch color plasma display introduced

  • 1997 -

    Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory, a radio interference measurement and consulting company, established
    Sales company Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore

  • 1998 -

    Air conditioner motor manufacturing company FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand
    New Zealand affiliate sales company Fujitsu General New Zealand Ltd. established
    Middle East and Africa affiliate sales company Fujitsu General (Middle East) Fze. established

  • 1999 -

    Fujitsu General Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand, strengthening air conditioner development and technological capability

  • 2000 -

    Air conditioner manufacturing and sale technical partnership with India's ETA General Private Ltd. signed
    Home electronic appliance recycling business Fujitsu Ecocycle Ltd. established

  • 2001 -

    Affiliate Institute of Air-Conditioning Technology LTD. established at Kawasaki headquarters

  • 2002 -

    Taiwan local sales affiliate Fujitsu General (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. established
    First digital wireless disaster prevention administration (broadcast) system delivered
    Fujitsu General receives the first Emmy ever awarded in the PDP field for contributions made by its plasma display technology to the broadcasting industry (visual communication business ends in March 2008)

  • 2003 -

    “nocria” air conditioner with the world's first automatic self-cleaning filter system introduced
    TP (total productivity) campaign launched
    Motor business F.G.L.S. Electric Co., Ltd. established in partnership with China's Little Swan Group

  • 2005 -

    Air conditioner technology building completed at Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., strengthening development and technological capability
    VRF system (480 indoor units) installed the Russian Duma in Moscow
    1189 indoor VRF units installed at luxury hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 2006 -

    VRF air conditioner manufacturer, sale, and service company Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. established in China
    China local sales affiliate Fujitsu General Orient International Electronics Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established

  • 2007 -

    Air conditioner technology building completed on Main Office grounds
    Completion of the air conditioner technology building puts in place a large-capacity test facility, which, together with the upgrading of the small-capacity air conditioner test facility in October 2005, greatly enhances development capability across the entire range of air conditioner, from small-capacity to large-capacity units

  • 2008 -

    A 72.8 centimeter wide by 25 centimeter high nocria-S air conditioner, the industry's most compact, introduced
    New factory completed by Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. begins operation, greatly enhancing VRF air conditioner production capacity
    Fujitsu General independently develops a 2-cylinder rotary compressor for medium- and large-capacity air conditioners. Construction begins at the FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. factory for an in-house production facility of compressors
    60 meter high test tower for VRF air conditioners completed at Main Office

  • 2009 -

    Relocation of Fuji Ecocycle Ltd. to the premise of Hamamatsu Business Office decided Construction of new factory begins (operation scheduled to start in April, 2010)
    Operation of compressor factory in the premise of FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. begins

  • 2011 -

    Released the Z/S series nocria which is equipped with power usage management functions that use the world's first redio frequency(RF) remote control
    The "LT/LU series", slimline air conditioners for overseas markets, was awarded both the "2012 iF product design award" and "red dot award: product design 2012" held in Germany

  • 2012 -

    Added cooling and heating simultaneous operation type VR-II series to multi air conditioning system for buildings “AIRSTAGE”
    FG (Euro) established Moscow Representative Office
    Established “TCFG Compressor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.”, a compressor manufacturing joint venture in Thailand

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