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ASGG12JLCA - 1.0 Ton

This product was add on our catalog on 29-01-2014

Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners

Model No : ASGG12JLCA
Tonnage : 1
Start Rating : 4 Star

4 Star
44100 Rs 44,100.00

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44100 Rs 44,100.00
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R410a - Eco Friendly

What is an INVERTER air conditioner?

INVERTER is an equipment that controls the electrical voltage, current and frequency of the compressor motor in an air conditioner.

An INVERTER air conditioner changes the speed of the compressor by varying the frequency of the power supply to give superior cooling, ranging from high to low.

When an INVERTER air conditioner is started, the compressor runs at high speed for quick cooling. But once the set temperature is reached, the INVERTER air conditioner enters an ‘energy saving mode’ by reducing the compressor speed. Thus, effectively reducing its power in order to save energy.

I-PAM Control (PAM+IPM) Inverter Control

I-PAM inverter control is a technology which reduces loss by adjusting the current waveform to a better sine waveform. This promotes the effective use of the input power supply to attain high performance.

"I-PAM (Intelligent power module – Pulse Amplitude Modulation)"
Energy saving and quick heating only possible by I-PAM

Voltage and speed of the compressor motor
Temperature of 10 cm above floor

V-PAM (Vector + I-PAM) Inverter Control

V-PAM inverter control reduces the effects of magnetic flux and increases the maximum speed and efficiency of the compressor by vector control technology. With this technology, further miniaturization, higher efficiency and better performance is attained.

"V-PAM (Vector – Pulse Amplitude Modulation)"
It becomes more powerful with the newly developed high efficient compressor motor control.

ALL DC Saves Energy Throughout the Year

By making all the motors DC, electricity loss is decreased and power consumption is substantially reduced. In addition high speed fan motor rotation is possible, heat exchange efficiency is increased and annual power consumption amount is saved by increasing the airflow.

More Comfort Air flow

Precision wind direction control is possible with 3 dimensional air flow technology. Our air flow control makes your environment more comfortable, with both horizontal and vertical deflection at the same time automatically.


High Density Multi-Path Heat Exchanger

Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by the thin high-density heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology. High performance grooved piping with expanded heat exchanger area is used.

Blue Fin Condenser

Hydrophillic coated heat exchanger ensures rust resistance for prolonged life.

Long Piping with Full Efficiency

Piping can be extended up to the above length for full efficiency with additional charge of gas over and above 7.5 mts. as per Installation manual.

High Capacity Compressor

Compressor capacity higher than machine capacity ensures powerful operation at high ambient temperature.

Capacity Range(TR) 0.26~1.06 0.26~1.71  0.26~2.28  0.82~2.56
Piping Length  3~15m  3~30m  3~30m  3~30m
Airflow(m)  10m  15m  15m  15m

Ambient Operating Range

  • Up / down swing flaps
  • Coanda Airflow technology
  • Anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and heat exanger fins
  • Inner groove copper tube
  • Dry Function
  • Power airflow dual flaps
  • Double swing automatic - 3D
  • BLDC motor indoor unit
  • Long Pipe
  • Compressor insulation blanket
  • Wide angle louvers
  • Removable and Washable panel
  • Wireless remote controller
  • i-PAM control models
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic airflow adjustment
  • Sleep timer
  • Powder coated outdoor unit
  • V-PAM control models
  • Economy mode
  • Program Timer
  • Auto restart
  • Auto Shut Flaps
  • Auto-Moisture Prevent
  • Auto-Changeover
  • Mildew Resistant Filter
Star Rating --- 4
Tonnage TR 1.0
Capacity Range KW 3.50 (0.9~3.75)
BTU/hr 11,942 (3,100~13,600)
Moisture Removal ltr/hr 1.8
Air flow - High m3/hr 790
cfm 465
Power supply Volts/Ø/Hz 220~240/1/50
Running Current Amps 5.1
Power Consumption Watts 1095
Indoor Unit Dimensions H x W x D mm 262 x 820 x 206
Indoor Unit Net Weight Kg 7.0
Outdoor Unit Dimensions H x W x D mm 535 x 663 x 293
Outdoor Unit Net Weight kg 26
Noise Level (Indoor Unit) dB 22
Connection Pipe Size (Gas/Liquid) Gas,Liquid(Inches) 3/8, 1/4
Pipe Length Max (Pre-charged) m 15 (10)
Height Difference m 10M
Operating Temperature Deg. C 46°C
Refrigerant CFC Free R410A
Compressor Rotary Rotary

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