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V2 Series - AJ*198LALHH

Energy efficiency combination

Unit - 1 :  AJ*126LALH
Unit - 2 :  AJ*A72LALH

Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit*1  :  33

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Airstage V - II

Variable Refrigerant Flow System

Multi Air Conditioning System for Buildings

  • Large Capacity Multi VRF System
  • Dc Inverter Control Compressor
  • Long Piping System Design
  • High Efficiency Refrigerant R410A

All for Comfort

Smart and cutting edge design
Extensive lineup from 8HP to 48HP in 2HP increment
Connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%


High Efficiency Operating System

EER/COP has been significantly improved by unique inverter
technology and refrigerant control technology


Compact Design

The outdoor unit size has been significantly reduced by optimizing of equipment.
This allows for a reduction in the required installation area floor space.


Installation Flexibility

Total pipe length of 1,000m and 150m actual pipe length.
From small to large buildings,any application can be supported.


User Friendly Central Control

Diverse building air conditioning control functions can be controlled
easily by central air conditioning control.

High Efficiency Operation

Advanced system considers high efficiency operation

Energy saving technology that boosted operation efficiency

Design Versatility

V-II systems can be applied to a wide variety of Building applications due to the reduced outdoor unit size and piping length capabilities

Overall piping length 1,000m

World’s top class overall piping length of 1,000m allows for application in a wide variety buildings

High Reliability

High reliability considering long-term safety and confidence

Life-extending operation

Easy Installation

From transportation of the product to address setting for commissioning, significant improvements have been made which reduce the cost of installation.

Light weight


Easily craned using lifting belt hooks

Design of outdoor unit allows for lifting straps to be used


Can be transported in a small elevator


Transporting by forklift

Transport with forklift is possible


Comfort and Convenience

Low noise, easy operational settings, and comfortable temperature adjustment allows for V-II systems to be used in building air conditioning applications.

Quiet operation

Low noise mode
Two low noise modes can be selected automatically by quiet priority setting and capacity priority setting depending on the usage environment and outside temperature load.

Easy Service & Maintenance

Designed for Quick Service response, Easy maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • High Efficiency Operation
  • Design Versatility
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Installation
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Easy Service & Maintenance
Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit*1   33
Indoor unit connectable capacity - Cooling kW 31.2-93.6
Power source   3-phase 4 wire, 400 V, 50Hz
Capacity - Cooling kW 62.4
Capacity - Heating kW 70.0
Input power - Cooling kW 17.04
Input power - Heating kW 17.17
COP - Heating W/W 4.08
Air flow rate m3/h 13,000 + 11,100
Sound pressure level - Cooling dB(A) 61
Sound pressure level - Heating dB(A) 62
Maximum external static pressure Pa 80
Compressor motor output kW 3.9 x 2 + 4.5
Heat exchanger fin   Blue fin
Dimensions (H×W×D) mm 1,690 x 930 + 1,240 x 765
Weight kg 296 + 220
Refrigerant charge kg 11.8 + 11.2
Connection pipe diameter - Liquid mm 15.88
Connection pipe diameter - Gas mm 34.92
Operation range - Cooling °CDB -5 to 46
Operation range - Heating °CDB -20 to 21

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